Just for her , the last message

I don't know why i am writing this in English , may be because i can express my self better in this language although I find a tough time to put two words together , may be because i know that you love English and may be because I can't say these words in arabic.
I want you to know how i fell in love with you before I see you , yes i am serious, I knew that you are the women of my dreams from the moment i heard you calling me , I turned around and saw your face, and you know what , I almost had a heart attack because my mind couldn't control my heart who went completely crazy about you.

Days has rolled , and every day I was more sure that I want to live with you the rest of my life, and how i can live happy without the only angel on earth around me.
At first I loved you just for what you look like but today i love you tons more because of who you are, i love the way you smile , i love the way you laugh , i love the bright in your eyes , i love your thinking , i love your care for others , i love your spirit , i love your independence , your personalty ,  i love every single bit of you.
I had never got the chance to say it to you, because at first i thought that you are way out of my league , but after short thinking i knew that i am ready to knock the impossible in order to reach you.
although I became quite close to you but by that time i knew that you are not meant to me, you simply deserve much better person than i am.
I recognized that i can't look directly in your eyes and say I love you simply because I am Sudanese and even if i did , you can't look at me and say me too even if you do because you are also Sudanese.
I can't give you gifts , I can't be nice to you as much as i would like to be , i can't see you any more , i can't and i can't and i can't just for being a Sudanese man.
I am sorry to lose you but this is the most perfect choice right know , once again being a Sudanese man means that i have a long way to go before being ready to start a family , so i have nothing to do but stand down and hope you have a happy life.


  1. for godness sake don't write like this again because itis very sad and i see what a strong of your feelings............
    finally i believe you deserve better than you think 


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