Eng. Mohamed Alnoman

Today I realized that I have greater potentials than i had ever imagined ..
Today I remembered what mohamed alnoman is ..
Today I has closed a page of my life , lasted for 16 years
It all started away from family and ironicly, ended away from family ..
A kid who knew nothing about the world was sent to his aunt to receive a better education , he was 5 years old but he never cried asking for his mom , they registered him at the school as a listener not a student becouse he was under the legal age , and you know what he was the first on his class and he remained the first until he completed his basic education.
Despite the fact he was able to go to the khartoum university, he went to the sudan university , college of electronics engineering becuse he had faith in that department.
5 years gone and that kid (mohamed Alnoman) became today Eng. Mohamed Alnoman.
Today I am happy to finish such a bumpy ride that lasted for 16 years , and I hope that the future hide the best for me.


  1. الحمد لله علي السلامة وانشاء الله مستقبل زاهر وملئ بمما تريد
    ومبارك لك باشمهندس محمد النعمان

  2. مبروك التخرج ، وحظا سعيد في سنة أولى حياة عملية ، مدونة شيقة أرجو أن تستمر


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