Life greatest lessons

once upon a time .. I met a beautiful Angel ..
she had a great understanding of life..
she understood it like it should be understood ..
she never let anything stand between her and happiness ..
because she knew that  tears and sadness never makes something gone come back.

she knew that any minute pass is a minute passed of our lives so why not to make it as happy as we can.
she knew that our life is the journey itself and not the destination because we always have a new destination so it's better to relax and enjoy the journey.
she knew these facts were the secret of having a never ending happiness and people that are happy simply happy because they choose to be so.
she teched me those lessons and some how she  forgot them, so she started to put a tear here and there sometimes and the never disappeareable smile started to disappear.
So I have to teach her back the lessons she told me about, because life is hard specially for angles who live between humans, and it can make someone that perfectly happy put on a sad face.
So whenever we forget the life lessons and we do a lot, we just need someone to teach them to us again and we will be on the right track toward happiness on no time.  

dedicated to ..........


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